I’m Back

Thanks to Flo, I’ve now read and watched Twilight.  If I was still a teenager, I think I would be in love right now.  As it is, however, we laughed.  A lot.  Inappropriately.  Ha!  To be fair, most of the audience in the theatre laughed along with us, so it’s not just that we’re getting old.  We wore our “Cullen Boys” shirts and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were quite a few adults in attendance.  We struck up a conversation with the ladies behind us and found out they are English teachers and have enjoyed the books, but wanted to know if the film would help or hurt their chances of convincing more teens to read.  Um, good luck, ladies.

Sean Bean finally returned to Crusoe this week.  I’m currently watching on Hulu, and I’m hoping it’s more than the cumulative 3.1 minutes we’ve had so far.  The show’s alright, I suppose, but let’s face it–I only watch for Bean.  SGA was another skip for me this week.  I watched the teaser that showed Shep and Ronon going camping, realized it was the McKay/Keller ep, and promptly deleted it from the DVR.  It still boggles my mind how this show managed to go from my #1 to an automatic delete.  Wow.  As usual, Merlin entertained, even though it was pretty much a filler episode.  Some relationships were heightened slightly, so I guess the ep had its merits.

I’ve been using the new WP for a month or so now, and with this newer version, I can use widgets.  I could never get them to work properly in the past, and to be honest, I didn’t care if they worked or not.  Now, however, you can hardly get through the directory without people calling their code “Plugins” but actually meaning “Widget”.  If you can’t run it as a plugin, you shouldn’t call it as such.  I think WP needs a separate “Widget” listing.  Luckily, some widget authors are willing to help you convert their code to standalone code, such as Peter from AVH Amazon, but most requests go unanswered.  There’s a widget that allows you to execute any standalone code, so to be assured that you can use that dandy new thing you’ve found, you’re almost bound to the use of widgets.  Grr, and OK.  As for the theme, if it won’t load properly, hit the site with a ctrl-f5 and that should do it.

Tuesday and Friday were snow days.  Hooray!  :cold:

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