Instead, I got this…

lost-logo_0 A ten minute episode of LOST this week! Actually, it wasn’t worth 10 minutes, I just slowed it down to look at the dimples a few times. *sigh* I guess ABC doesn’t care whether we actually enjoy the show or not as long as we continue to DVR/watch it in some capacity.

The two-hour premiere of ANTM was lackluster and didn’t get better upon second viewing today. The first photo shoot was the worst concept yet….and that’s saying a lot. I’m sure it will get better, and some of the girls actually look like models this season, which is a drastic improvement over past seasons. I’d love to see an “All Star” Cycle. Yoanna would sooo take them all. True.

Top Chef will not be watched again until the next season. I can’t get over the rat face of Hosea. Maybe the judges had just watched that Ratatouille movie and were a bit too affected by it. This is the only season that I deleted from DVR, and I am so disappointed in the show. Really. I did, however, read that my votes counted and that Fabio won “Fan Favorite”. Sweet.

After my pitiful dinner of cous cous, I’m going to watch Survivor and call it a night. You should, too.

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