Odds and Ends

dexter_logo Dexter is both odd, and ending. Well, ending in the sense that I am finishing S3 today. I just read that it has been renewed for two more seasons, but I have to admit that waiting a week between episodes is going to kill me. Heh. See whut I did thar? Fantastic show, and I highly recommend it.

I want to take this moment to voice my disappointment with the photoshoots in this cycle of ANTM. They suck. There’s been a total of ONE shoot where the girls were shot alone, and their faces were smeared with colored powder for that one. Looking back to, say, cycle 2, when the shoots were inventive and still beautiful, makes me think that if ANTM doesn’t try to look back instead of trying to create some messed up future, it’s going to lose what little credibility it still has.

I’m currently awaiting the car repairman to pick up my car. I got up early for this, dude! Chop chop! Whoa, not a good thing to say to an off the books repairman…

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