Go, Joe!

I want to see G.I. Joe. In no way did I ever think I would say, “I want to see G.I. Joe.” When I was little, my uncle had a few of the action figures, but I always thought they were enormous and too cumbersome to be played with properly; I much preferred my Star Wars figures.

When I heard there was going to be a G.I. Joe movie, I shrugged it off. “Oh, another war move, who cares?” I figured that at best, it would be some Jarhead type thing. A few castings later, I was interested, and a few trailers later, I was looking forward to it.

Anyone who knows me will be able to look at the movie poster and identify the two main reasons I want to see this movie. Oh, and if they had somehow worked Sean Bean into the movie, it may have just been my favorite movie of all time (even if it sucks). Ha! Regardless, I seriously may drag myself to see this sometime this weekend.

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