Get Lost. No, really. Get out.

This show cannot win with me. First season? Total love. Wild, thrashing, passionate love. Second Season? All I remember is Yay!Eko. Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh…what number is this anyway? Garbage.

In the last few seasons, I can remember two old men, Desmond and a boat (I guess he no longer exists after the sexual harassment thing?), some vague Egyptian references to seem more profound, and the French woman (dead?).

I watch and follow Lost. I do not like the show. I watch the show in 7-12 minutes per episode and sometimes even that much time feels like torture. I keep watching because I am desperately hoping it will come full circle and end on a good note. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I feel like the writers are pandering to the masses who have never watched sci-fi, and are all OMG!TimeTravel!!!!! To those people, I just want to say, “People, this show is NOT smart. It’s not revolutionary. You are so distracted by the WOWness that you are letting the fact that it’s no long good slide.”

The first season of Lost was all about the characters; who they were, who they are, and what could become of them. Each of the core cast had compelling storylines in each arena. Now that the core cast has been thrown to the side to make way for Dharma Initiatives, Others, Boaties, business men, Dharmas from the past, new people on the plane, etc., who gives a crap about them? Their stories aren’t as important as Jacob and/or The Temple. Oooo–oooh. It’s like the writers couldn’t take the characters any further so they invented all these other stories to cover up that fact.

Anyway, I’m sure the producers and writers don’t care what we say about the show as long as we keep saying something. Congratulations on making a convoluted mess out of what was once a proud, strong, well-written show.

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