Daleks- BOOM!

I love this show. This Doctor has surpassed the last one in every single way for me, even though I can see shades of similarity between the two. When he exclaims, “TARDIS, bang bang; Daleks, BOOM!” he takes what feels like a Ten line and elevates it to a level of sheer brilliance. Well played, Eleven! Well played, indeed.

I feel a bit guilty about “finding” the crack this episode since it STARES US IN THE FACE. Heh. No “Spot the Observer” Fringe level of difficulty here, guys. The clue is right here, in plain, unobstructed view for all to see. I guess I’m not going to complain because with a thread this blatant, the pay off is going to have to deliver the goods. Got that Doctor Who team?? We are expecting greatness (and I have no doubt we’ll get it, too!).

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