I’ve Been Entertained By This?

Every year, we get list after list around this time.

This is my commentary on Entertainment Weekly’s 2010 Entertainers of the Year article. Keep in mind, that I offer only my opinion, and it is as true as I can possibly be.

[The auto-link for Affleck is for another, and better, Ben.]

1. Taylor Swift– Who?
2. Jon Hamm– Meh, ok.
3. Kanye West– Never.
4. Christopher Nolan–Tries too hard. Pass.
5. Kids of Modern Family— For about 22 seconds. Last year.
6. The Cast of The Social Network— A movie for and about people who think Facebook makes them relevant. NEWSFLASH! It doesn’t.
7. Lady Gaga– 24 years old? Reverse that, and I may believe it. Hag.
8. James Franco– Meh, maybe.
9. Katy Perry– Why does this person even exist. No.
10. Steig Larson–Author, apparently. Tagline in article reads, “Do you know anyone who hasn’t read the Millennium Trilogy?” My hand goes up.
11. Team Glee– For three episodes. Last year.
12. Ben Affleck– OK. My only positive response so far.
13. Suzanne Collins–Author. My other hand goes up.
14. The Men of The Good Wife— I’ll ask my great aunt; she’s the only person I know who would watch this.
15. Jaden and Willow Smith– CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION NOW.

Hopefully 2011 will have much more to offer.

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