Having never read a single comic book in my life, I wasn’t sure if I would like Arrow when it premiered on the CW this year. All I knew was that it would be airing prior to Supernatural and the previews looked pretty good, with lots of well-choreographed fight scenes.

As it turns out, Arrow quickly became one of my favorite shows. While the show seems to include elements of the comic (as I’ve seen online and heard from Ben), it’s also original enough for the writers to jump in and create even more excitement. Stephen Amell is fantastic in the starring role of Oliver Queen. He’s believable without being overdramatic or campy. He clearly looks the part of superhero and the scenes of his workouts are inspiring to men and women alike. Katie Cassidy, a favorite as the real Ruby on Supernatural and the doomed bride on Harper’s Island, is underused, which may be a clever writing choice. Although there is a love triangle of sorts between her Laurel, Oliver and his best friend Tommy, it’s not addressed in a heavy-handed way and it never distracts us from the storyline.

The guest stars for Arrow are all topnotch. Colin Salmon is perfect as Walter, the man in Oliver’s mother’s life, and successor to Oliver’s tragically lost father. John Barrowman is menacing with very little trace of Captain Jack Harkness in his performance. I know many fans had wondered if he had it in him to not camp it up. Wonder no more, fans. He’s the real deal. Tahmoh Penikett has already guested, and we still have Seth Gable, James Callas, and Ben Browder to look forward to seeing. WOW!

Arrow is earning its geek cred, and I know of two fans who never miss an episode on Wednesday night.

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