Pre Top 5

I got my Palm Pre in October and in the time since I’ve had it, I have patched it, modded it, doctored it, and loved it more than anything. has everyone thinking about their top 5 patches or apps, so I thought I’d try to figure out the ones I just can’t live without. I’m leaving out the whole area of theming, as it would be impossible to rank…

Todd and Turkey!

Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorite people ever– Todd! It’s been a long time since our Buffy days, but you have remained awesome. Hope your birthday is terrific. To Todd and everyone else, Happy Thanksgiving! Mood: Giggly

Todd! Cole!

Anniversary day for Todd and Cole is here! If you’ve ever wondered if things can go really well in a marriage on a near-constant basis, you need only see Todd and Cole to know that they can. Happy Anniversary, pals! I miss you p.s. I’m sneaking this post from work and I can’t add a cool picture for you *pouts* Mood: Touched

Friends, Freebies, Food, and Fun

This weekend, Ben came down and we had one of our “old times” days. We ate at Macado’s, shopped around the mall, watched Robin Hood, True Blood, The Backyardigans (sorry, Ben!), Dexter, and RHNJ. There are probably more, but that’s all I can remember this late in the game. Our visit to Macado’s was made even better by the bill coming to -$.04. Christmas gift card in action! Our trip…