Todd and Turkey!

Happy Birthday to one of my absolute favorite people ever– Todd! It’s been a long time since our Buffy days, but you have remained awesome. Hope your birthday is terrific. To Todd and everyone else, Happy Thanksgiving! Mood: Giggly

Personal Post

My birthday was very quiet and very nice–except for the fact that the school caught fire and I had to stand in a very cold field for three hours while we waited for clearance. I guess Todd’s wishes to “Dead Jenn” were actually appropriate! The rest of the week was spent fighting horrible driving conditions and wishing for nothing more than home. I’m going to do some fandom posting later…

All Hail Scott!

No School due to hail and ice. Happy Birthday, Scott! I plan to take my brother out for a new PS3 game and a renewal to his subscription to Game Informer. You know, because he’s 12 years old, not 30. Mood: Jubilant

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my dad’s birthday and even though I have a pretty bad Spring cold, I’ll be going to his house to celebrate. Happy Day, Dad! I spent a little time up there yesterday, as I had to have someone escort me to the Praxis II exam I had to take in order to be certified for my job. I have NO IDEA how I did on that test. I…