Todd! Cole!

Anniversary day for Todd and Cole is here! If you’ve ever wondered if things can go really well in a marriage on a near-constant basis, you need only see Todd and Cole to know that they can. Happy Anniversary, pals! I miss you p.s. I’m sneaking this post from work and I can’t add a cool picture for you *pouts* Mood: Touched


While I’ll leave the somber anniversary details to others, I just want to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to buhbuhraven and Cole! Todd and Cole have the best relationship I’ve ever seen and I can only hope to find something like that in this lifetime. *hugs*

Babies and Trends and Stuff

Saturday was awesome. Todd and Cole’s baby shower was much fun and I’m pretty sure the baby is going to be the most stylin’ tot in the world. It was so good to see them again and I hope it won’t be such a long time before the next visit. Sunday was NOT awesome. I spent the day at a birthday party…for a ONE year old. Jeez, what exactly is…


Thursday was a tremendously great day. I got to see Todd and Cole in Greensboro. It was sooo great snarking on the Vegas Buffy Homecoming trip and seeing the new baby furniture and getting T.A.G. on DVD. Narayan came up too and just made the trip perfect. After eating more bagels that any one person should Friday morning, the movers showed up and we were on the road. With a…