Nothing To Say

By no means am I flouncing from my own site, but I may not post or respond anywhere for a while. Too much RL things to deal with will do that do a girl. I’m fine, Hobbit’s fine, Istar’s fine (though may need another trip to the vet for a steroid injection), so there. If I don’t make it back in time, Happy Holidays. Mood: Disappointed

I Know You’re There!

Arrgh, Urrgh, and Hmmph! Every time I’m on the phone with one of my parents, without fail, they get a call waiting beep; which they always take. That is, they take the beep if they don’t flat out cut our conversation first. Just now, I called them and it rang busy, thus signaling that they were either calling out or receiving a call at that very moment. I waited a…

No zar’roc here

It’s been a long time since I posted anything, for a number of reasons. First and foremost, my grandmother had serious surgery this week and I’ve been a bit more into family than friends. She’s doing great and I’m not going to worry about her needlessly. Secondly, I’ve been reading a couple of books. With the movie version of Eragon coming out soon, I finally felt the rush to read…

For Those

Sorry for the lack of writing, but there are always reasons. For those of you who pray, send vibes, send wishes, etc., please do so for my brother and his wife. They’ve suffered a setback in their quest to add to their family. We’re all very sad, but I’m sure we’ll be celebrating happiness again soon.