Apprentice 2 junk

After watching the premiere of The Apprentice 2 I really only have one thing to comment on. I hope that when Trump finally fires that bitch Pamela, Carolyn punches her in the face while George kicks the shit out of her. Normally, I would not use such strong language when discussing television.


The Amazing Race fools me everytime. I had no idea this was another non-elim. It would have been good to see B&N go since they annoy me. The moms were right, in my opinion, regarding the taxi snafu. Colin proved once again he doesn’t deserve Christie. It looks like Christie stands up for herself (not enough) in the next ep, but I’m sure she’ll apologize to Colin by the end…

Just so there’s no doubt

In an effort to increase my Geek Level, I have decided to watch Stargate Atlantis henceforth known as SGA. I watched the first two eps (which may have been shown as one) and I have the rest ready to watch. It’s not a bad show at all.

Huge WOW

Thanks to my perpetual stalking of Karen, I have seen the pilot episode of Lost. Oh, yes, it is as good as the hype. The commercial-free version is roughly 84 minutes long, so it looks like a 2 hour premiere is scheduled. [ETA: Upon viewing ABC’s site, it seems that it may have to be a two-parter, since another premiere is scheduled for the 9:00 spot directly after Lost.] That’s…