Come One, Come All!

Heroes returned last night, and I enthusiastically declare the return triumphant. Though I have remained a fan throughout, I really, REALLY hated the military angle of “Fugitives”. Military storylines are just boring, no matter how legit you’re trying to make them seem. Boring. Carnivals, however, are inherently creepy and there is always a bit of wonder involved. Having our beloved (and/or hated) heroes become intertwined with carnies is absolutely intriguing….

Spring Feverish

Heroes didn’t disappoint. The hype was there, and I loved it. For a non-Sylar episode, I would say that it was actually pretty fantastic. While nearly everyone called the identity of Rebel, I was glad to see it play out the way it did. The only thing that would have been even cooler is if Rebel had actually had the accomplice we thought he would have. How’s that for non-specific…

Only One Word

Dear Sylar, When all else has turned to shite, you are, and will remain, BADASS. Much love, Me. Mood: Giggly

Who da, Who?

Well, now. At the risk of spoiling people with the title, I just have to say, ( Whoo hoo! ‘Bout time! ) Heroes was loopable again this week. “Have you met their mother?” Hee! Sylar shows up, busts some asses for 2.3 seconds and I’m happy with life again. Yes, I’m glad I’m still onboard this one! Mom made up for the phone thing with biscuits, apple butter, and bacon. Yummmmy. Mood:…