Lazy Posting

I’ve let a lot go by without mentioning it on here. Now that I’ve closed ZeroMuch (well, archived it), I’ll try to write more. Rejoice. Recently, I’ve had a mini-vacation to TN, seen Ben and Jesse, had poison ivy all over my face (second doctor’s visit in a month…yay), and waited for my grandmother’s surgery to stop giving her problems. I found a really cool Zune clock to add to…

Obligatory Gate Post

I’m back from my annual tech conference…and just in time! Had the conference gone any longer, I might have missed the chance to see the sneak release of SGA’s fifth season premiere. . . . . ( Spoilery for S5 Ep 1 )

Times Change

There was a time when Friday meant Yippee!SGA. Now, I barely remember, “Oh, it’s Friday, SGA is on tonight.” Last night’s episode, “Girl Power” “Missing” is a good reason why. How long were the men in the ep? Four minutes? Maybe? I don’t like Dr. Keller. I don’t hate her, but she has no redeemable qualities. She’s just “there”. Carson, I cared about. This one, nope. Teyla’s pregnant. Ooh, wow….