Of London, Middle Earth, and Corsucant

My heart goes out to everyone in London. I remember the fear we felt and I hope they are able to bind together and become even stronger. My Galadriel Entranced arrived today. Her eyes and hair light up, but no sound. :cry: I’m still very pleased with her, however. This is a quiz that was made by one of my favorite LOTR and now SW chickies. ( Which Anakin do I…

Oh dear gawd

I was looking through my archives and saw a link to this place. Now I want to move to London even MORE! :shock:

Guilt free!!

I felt a little guilty about not seeing my uncle (who lives in Knoxville) during my recent visit. However, today we received a postcard from him. He’s in London as part of a world tour he’s taking. *whew* Now I can say, “But Uncle Jim, I did try to visit you….you were gone!” hehehe Christmas in July Alert: Big Brother and The Amazing Race begin tonight. WHOO!