All that?

I’m going to be busy today: 1. Cap FOTR: EE Boromir scenes for NadjaLee (DONE) 2. Wash walls in entire house (HALF DONE) 3. Escort hot tub repairman to uncle’s and make sure he repairs ours and his (RESCHEDULED) 4. Burn Finding Neverland, The Polar Express, King Arthur(FN-BURNED*) 5. Watch at least one of the above 6. Convert Lost so video isn’t flipped in vidmaking program [Edit with progress update-3:49pm…

Easy Peasy

Yeah, uh, no idea where that title came from. Anyway, I just got in from picking up some dinner for Hobbit, Jingles, and Cottin. Oh, and of course from mailing Ben’s CD’s.