Happy Birthday, Mom!

I guess the title says it all, but I wanted to make a whole post wishing my mom a Happy Birthday! I just got in from her birthday dinner at our local steakhouse and it was great having all the family there to celebrate the bestest woman I’ve ever known. Love you! Mood: Happy

All Clear!

I haven’t posted anything recently because of RL things. Mom had a doctor’s visit this week (which was moved up from her original appointment at the end of the month), and today she got the news that everything is fine. No worries. I can’t even think of any other news. I never actually entertained the thought, but still…YAY! Mood: Relieved

Fire In The Hole!

Guess who just burned up dinner as well as her cutesy chef burner cover! This is not the first time I’ve done something like this–actually it is the first time I’ve also ruined dinner while incinerating a burner cover, but it was just Rice-a-Roni, so I guess it’s no huge loss. Still…. I guess I’ll have to make a dinner of the truffles my mom brought me this evening. Thanks,…

Who da, Who?

Well, now. At the risk of spoiling people with the title, I just have to say, ( Whoo hoo! ‘Bout time! ) Heroes was loopable again this week. “Have you met their mother?” Hee! Sylar shows up, busts some asses for 2.3 seconds and I’m happy with life again. Yes, I’m glad I’m still onboard this one! Mom made up for the phone thing with biscuits, apple butter, and bacon. Yummmmy. Mood:…