Sandra, Sandra!

As my second favorite on Survivor: Pearl Islands since day one, Sandra has really kicked butts and taken names. Heh. I only hope she goes all the way to the bank. I’ll take sass over sincerity anyday! Mood: Accomplished

Is it Thursday already?!?

Aside from my throat trying to give out on me, this week has been terrific. Why terrific? Well, for starters, it’s already Thursday, noonish. This means that my workweek has flown by. Whoo! I’ve actually got plans for the near future, and that’s very whoo! Survivor: Pearl Islands is on tonight….again, whoo! Lastly, my brother and I are teaming up to go shopping for gifts this evening..WHOO!

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, Survivor: Pearl Islands officially sucks without Rupert. Even though the episode tonight had “drama” and tension, it was just dry. Jon is a loser. He’s less of a mastermind, and more of “the idiot I want to take to the final two with me because I’ll definitely win” guy. Even with his little story, it was dry and lacking. Hopefully it will regain its entertainment factor next week. I…


I will go into the weekend (a day early) with a heavy heart. Rupert, just know that I have loved you since the beginning, and I will always consider you the winner of Survivor: Pearl Islands.