It’s been a long time, a very long time, since my brother and I were both excited about a new show. Harper’s Island starts this Thursday on CBS and marks a return to classic mystery with modern twists and updated murder methodology. In the few frenzied promos, I’ve caught several familiar geek faces such as Vincent from Cafe Diem (Eureka), Brittany, the Christmas thief (Psych), and of course, the groom-to-be,…

NCAA Worst Case Scenario

Much like most people love their children, my brother has an almost unnatural love for sports and sports teams; specifically Wake Forest, Ohio State, Denver Broncos, and the hometeam, WVU. Wake, Ohio State, and WVU all lost their games yesterday in the first round of NCAA March Madness. I liken it to the Pushing Daisies situation, but imagine if ALL your favorite shows got canceled early…devastation, no? I can’t even…

Bath & Body Count

I expect both to be rather high this weekend. I have already begun the hot bath marathon I always complete when I get sick, and my brother has already begun the body count in Killzone 2. I don’t remember seeing him so giddy over a game, but if it makes him happy…cool. I feel like one of his victims, though. I’m achy, stuffy, and even my eyes seem blurred. Bah….

All Hail Scott!

No School due to hail and ice. Happy Birthday, Scott! I plan to take my brother out for a new PS3 game and a renewal to his subscription to Game Informer. You know, because he’s 12 years old, not 30. Mood: Jubilant