A thousand times, NO! Didn’t the SciFi Channel people learn their lesson when they tried this BS with SG-1?!? One of the best things about Eureka has always been the retro-futuristic feel of the credits and now they are using the same abbreviated, title-only mess that SG-1 fans had to rally against. ARGH! Change it back. Change it back NOW. Otherwise, good ep! Mood: Enraged

Omens, good.

Thanks to a wonderfully geeky transfer student, I was loaned a well-worn copy of Good Omens this weekend. I’ve been urged by Ben to try out Terry Pratchett, but something about the student’s enthusiastic offering of his book made me break down and read it. Though it’s actually by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, it should count toward Ben’s column, no? For a quick little read, I found it charming….


How great is it that my least favorite goa’uld is on LOST this week?!? Zipacna tried to snark on Osiris until she (he? heh) threw down the threat of Anubis, making his little rabbit lip quiver. Zippy also tried to take Ska’ara out by defending Klorel in that trial held by by the Tollans, but SG-1 prevailed, of course. Ah, good times.  Speaking of SG-1, in the Stargate movie, the…

Annual Post

It seems my whole “Look at me!” gift post has really caught on; everyone’s doing it these days. ( Here’s the 2007 list ) Doctor Who Christmas Special– I’m going to have to go with, um, bad. Didn’t enjoy it much at all. Kylie Minogue was flat and The Doctor had too many messianic moments, especially coming off the whole last Series ender. Sill looking forward to the new Series, though. Stargate:…