Good Day To Be A Geek

On television (or similar) right now are: The Lord of the Rings (Trilogy), The Star Wars Saga (OT), Doctor Who/Torchwood, Robin Hood, Primeval, new ep of Pushing Daisies, and for me, the second viewing of S2 Dexter (because I still can’t stop). I’ve got RotK on the plasma and Dexter on the lappy. Next up: Hood and Primeval. That is one heck of a selection, people! Mood: Enthralled


My life is complete.

Introducing Hobbit!!

Now this is something I thought I’d NEVER do: I have a kitten! Hobbit She’s 6 weeks old, litter trained, and all mine thanks to Scott and Ashley! Oops for the language, but HEH! :: how jedi are you? ::