Happy Thanksgiving

To everyone celebrating Thanksgiving today, I say, “Have a great one!” :Pilgrim:


So according to Dom, he and Elijah are starting a T-shirt design company. That’s so sweet. Awwww. He also says, “Viggo and Orlando are coming over for Thanksgiving. Then Billy and Elijah are coming over for New Year’s Eve.” Does anyone wonder why we slash?!?

Time to take stock

Every Thanksgiving, we should give thanks for the things that are really important in our lives. Hence, the layout change :cool: It wasn’t until after I’d worked on the color scheme for hours that I realized how much it looks like Ben ‘s LJ. :Pilgrim:

Happy Birthday, Todd!!

With all the excitement of Thanksgiving, and the impending doom of Christmas, we must remember those who have a birthday so close to the events. Happy Day, hon, and I hope everything you wished for comes your way very soon. You’re terrific, and I love ya!