Driving Me Crazy

I crashed my car. Actually, more embarrassingly, I hit a parked car. I crunched the front end of my side panel and bumper while scraping their rear bumper. I left a note, which is frustrating, because I have no way of knowing just what their reaction and expectations will be. They haven’t left a voicemail yet, so maybe they’re not too upset? Right? Bah.

In much happier, or somewhat bittersweeter, news, I got to see Ben, Jesse, and Jonas! I also got Heroes Seasons 1 and 2, a cool Christmas mixtape, and a really cool card. Hooray! Thanks guys! The bitter part is that Jesse leaves for Morgantown soon and I may not get to see him soon, and I probably won’t see Jonas anymore at all. :cry: I wish at least one of my cats would be as loving as Jonas, but it just is NOT going to happen. They are so used to ignoring all humans other than me that they will never be that friendly. Oh, how I damage everything around me. :lol:

Mood:Embarrassed emoticon Embarrassed