Need More This


Television, no, real life needs more of this. Anyone who still hasn’t checked out Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens in Justified needs to just stop whatever they are doing and jump on it.

While I rarely have faith in awards shows, and the exclusion of Sean Bean as an Emmy nominee for Best Actor does little to reassure me of their significance, I will say that the nomination of my favorite Marshal makes up for it. My love for this show goes beyond my appreciation of Raylan (though that alone would be enough to carry me) due to performances of the entire cast. It’s refreshing to see people using Southern accents that aren’t so obviously affected that you want ear bleach. Take it from me, people in KY and WV sound EXACTLY like that. The sounds, sights, and stories are things right out of our backyards.

Too bad Raylan’s not.

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